Department of Health and Family Welfare

SANKER Hospital

There is only one Mental Health Facility in the private sector. This is SANKER Hospital situated at Mawroh, Shillong 793008, Meghalaya which is about 1km away form Shillong Golf Course and can be reached by vehicle as the pitched road reach up to the hospital. The hospital is beautifully situated in large area surrounded by pine trees in the very congenial condition.

The Founder Father of this hospital is Dr Sandy Syiem who himself is a reputed Psychiatrist. He himself administrates and monitors the hospital passionately.

Mental Health Facilities: -

There are 58 numbers of beds for male patients and 24 numbers of bed for female patients.
The Out Patient Services services are hold on daily basis and emergency services are also handled by the duty Doctors working 24hrs.

Also Provided

  • Specialized De-Addiction Services.
  • Out Patient Department Rehabilitation Services.
  • Specialized Geriatric or Children Services.
  • Portable water or toilet or Canteen for patients and relatives.
  • Separate dining facilities.
  • Interview Room available to speak with patients.
  • Also provided are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner for patients.


All types of medicines required for the OPD (Out Patient Services) and IPD (Indoor Patient Services) patients are available namely antipsychotic, antidepressant, anxioytic, mood stabilizer.

Training and Academic Activities

The Institute carry out C.M.E. Programmes and Seminars in periodic basis.
The Institute also train General Nurses of various Nursing School of Shillong in Psychiatry.

Investigative Procedure

Psycho diagnostic tool

Staff Patterns

  • Psychiatrist - 2
  • General Medical Officer - 1
  • Clinical Psychologist - 1
  • Psychiatric Social Worker - 1
  • General Nurses - 10
  • Occupational Therapist - 1
  • Counselors - 2
  • Number of patients who availed facilities in Sanker Hospital are (upto 10.02.2010)
  • Total number of new registration - 1581
  • Total number of Out Patient Department follow-up - 14785
  • Total number of In Patients Department male - 286
  • Total number of In Patients Department female - 145

The Institute is praised by the patients and relatives of the patients of far away places and nearby places.