Department of Health and Family Welfare

Shillong Civil Hospital

Shillong Civil Hospital is situated in the main town of Shillong which is about furlong south of Main Secretariat Building of Government of Meghalaya. This is the largest hospital in the state of Meghalaya in the State Government sector as well as in private sector. This has multifaculty facilities to the patients like medicines, surgery, orthopedic, E.N.T., ophthalmology, cardiology, Dentistry, Psychiatrist, Radiology etc.

  1. OPD (Out Patient Services) on daily basis.
  2. IPD (Indoor Patient Services) for the Mentally Ill patients who does not require close structured treatment.
  3. Referral Services for the patients who are primary admitted in the hospital for other reasons then mental problems who manifest Mental Illness in the course of the treatment.
  4. Patients with Mental Illness who developed medical or surgical other problems
  5. Assessment of Metal disability of mentally handicapped and there after issuance of disability certificate.
  6. Assessment of Mental Illness as a board member of standing medical board.
  7. Emergency Services - round the clock like suicide, Homicide or other Psychiatric emergency.

Bed Strength - There is no specific bed allotted for the patients with Mental Illness as and when required, the patients can be accommodated in any of the word meant for other patients.
This is very much helping with the objective of the District mental Health Programme.

Staff Patterns

The Staffs consist of: -

  1. Psychiatrist - 1
  2. Staff Nurse - 1
  3. Assistant - 1
  4. Male or Female Attendant One each

Number of patients receiving treatment in the Mental Health facility provided for Civil Hospital Shillong upto February 2010

Out Patient Department OPD Follow Up Patients In Patients Department IPD
New 889 3557 In Patients Department record could not be maintained as the patients belong to different facilities of medicine