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Viewing different file formats

Information related to Document/ Download
Document Type Download
Portable Document Format (P.D.F.) content Adobe Acrobat Reader
Audio Files Windows Media Player

Accessibility Help

Use the accessibility options provided by this Web site to control the screen display. These options allow changing the text size and color scheme for clear visibility and better readability.

Text Size Icons

Following different options are provided in the form of icons which are available on the top of each page:

  • Increase font size or press the + (plus) key on your keyboard to increase the text size
  • Decrease font size or press the - (minus) key on your keyboard to decrease the text size
  • Reset default font size to reset default text size

Accessibility Options

Changing the color scheme - refers to applying a suitable background and text color that ensures clear readability.There are four options provided to change the color scheme. These are:

  • Default Color Scheme Default contrast scheme
  • Yellow On Black Colour Scheme Yellow text on Black background

Note: Changing the colour scheme does not affect the images on the screen.

Use the Keyboard to Navigate Screens

Use these common keyboard commands to navigate web pages without a mouse. Some keystrokes may not work with every Internet browser.

If you want to... Then select
Move forward from link to link or to controls Tab
Move backward from link to link or to controls Shift + Tab
Select buttons Spacebar
Navigate and select Radio Buttons Arrow
Select or deselect boxes Spacebar
Move from box to box Tab
Read the prior screen Ctrl + Page Up
Read the next screen Ctrl + Page Down
Go to the top of the page Ctrl + Home
Go to the bottom of the page Ctrl + End
Close the current window (in Internet Explorer) Ctrl + W
Refresh the screen F5
Go back a page Alt + Left Arrow
Go forward a page Alt + Right Arrow
Navigate to and select the text in the address combo box Alt + D

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