Department of Health and Family Welfare

Directorate of Health Services (Research)

The Directorate of Health Services, Research is responsible for the research and laboratory testing related activities for the Department of Health and Family Welfare apart from housing the Regional Blood Bank and laboratory animal breeding facilities. It is based at Pasteur Institute, Shillong, which is one of the oldest vaccine production institutes in the country and is the only one of its kind in the entire North East Region. Pasteur Institute provides various laboratory services for diagnostic purposes, Blood Bank facilities with screening of HIV cases, training of laboratory technicians, laboratory assistance etc., besides the production of Anti Rabies Vaccine. At present the institute produces Tetanus Toxoid also. The various activities of this directorate are as follows:

  • Providing laboratory facilities and investigations in all disciplines of pathology such as Histology, Bacteriology, Bio-Chemistry, Haematology, and Parasitology to Government and Private Institutions.
  • Serving as a State Government Drugs, Water and Food Testing Laboratories. The main objective of the Combined Food and Drugs Laboratory is to carry out various tests and analysis of various food stuffs, water and drugs in case of adulteration of food and potency of various medicinised drugs in conformity with P.F.A. Act and Drugs and Cosmetics Act.
  • Running an Outdoor Centre for diagnosis and treatment and also render expert advice on questions concerning animal and snake bites.
  • Maintaining of Regional Blood Bank for routine and emergency basis for all Government and Non-Government Hospitals. The Regional Blood Bank is also a zonal screening Centre for HIV Antibodies.
  • Serving as a Training Centre for the North Eastern Region for medical, Paramedical personnel in laboratory techniques.
  • Maintaining an Animal House for breeding different Laboratory animal which are used for the Biological standardization and Quality Control Tests of Vaccines. Some experimental animals such as Swiss Albino Mice are supplied to different Institutions for their research works.
  • Pasteur Institute also plays a key role in maintaining Cold Chain system by providing storage facilities of EPI or UIP Vaccines for the state of Meghalaya.
  • Carrying out field and laboratory investigations during epidemics of diseased in the state.