Department of Health and Family Welfare

Mental Health Facility in Meghalaya

Meghalaya abode of the cloud is a state in the North East of India. The word Meghalaya is a Sanskrit word which means (Megh - Cloud, alaya - Home). This is a small state which was created after the division of composite of Assam in 1972. This is a land lock state which is surrounded in the east in the west in the north by Assam and in the south it has an international border with Bangladesh.

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya which is recognized hill station due to its sceneric beauty and pleasant climate condition. It is an educational hub in entire North East of India. Meghalaya has a total population of 23 Lakhs as per the census of 2001.It has seven district they are: -

Serial Number District Headquarter
1. East Khasi Hills Shillong
2. West Khasi Hills Nongstion
3. Ri- Bhoi Nongpoh
4. Jaintia Hills Jowai
5. East Garo Hills Williamnagar
6. West Garo Hills Tura
7. South Garo Hills Baghmara

The Mental health services in Meghalaya has been gradually spreading to cover all seven district of state reaching to remote unreachable areas. At present mental Health services available in the state capital and district headquarters are listed for the information to all.

Mental Health facility in the State

  1. Government Sector
    • Meghalaya Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Science (MIMHANS)
    • Civil Hospital Shillong
    • Jowai Civil Hospital
    • Civil Hospital Tura
    • Williamnagar Civil Hospital
  2. Private Sector
    • SANKER Hospital