Department of Health and Family Welfare

Directorate of Health Services (Medical Institutions)

The Directorate of Health Services, Medical Institutions is responsible for establishment, administration, regulation and monitoring of Medical and Health Institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary) along with handling the necessary supporting infrastructure within the state, medical education, drug control and monitoring and implementation of various programmes.The main objectives and responsibilities of the directorate are mentioned below:

Medical Institutions and Human Resource

  • Providing medical services through a network of hospitals, Public Health Centres, Sub-Centres, dispensaries.
  • Recruitment, transfer and posting of various health personnel.


  • Registration of medical institutions, pharmacies and wholesalers
  • Registration of dental surgeons, nurses, AYUSH doctors, pharmacists

Drug Control

  • Control on availability of drugs
  • Price and quality Control on Drugs.

Training and Education

  • Facilitating studies in various disciplines ¬†like MBBS, BDS, nursing and other allied courses
  • Training for in-service health personnel.

Health Engineering Wing

  • Construction and ¬†repairing of health institutions through the Health Engineering Wing

Medical Reimbursement

  • Providing medical reimbursement to all government employees for treatment¬† both within and outside the state


  • Promotion and monitoring of alternative systems of medicine like Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic and other Indian system of medicine.

Implementation and monitoring of various central programmes on public health and disease control like

  • National Health programmes for Leprosy, Malaria eradication, Tuberculosis, Blindness Control,etc