Department of Health and Family Welfare

District Medical And Health Officer, Jaintia Hills, Jowai

The Jaintia Hills District is located between 25-26 degree latitude North and 92-114 degree Longitude east. It is bounded by Assam in the North and East on the South by Bangladesh and on the West by East Khasi Hills.

The People living in Jaintia Hills District are mainly the Pnar. Their main occupation is Agriculture, Jaintia Hills has plenty of coal reserve and transaction of the item to the neighboring state of Meghalaya and Bangladesh made a good progress.

i. Area of the District 3819Sqkm.
ii. Number of Sub Division in the District 3(i.e. Amlarem, Khliehriat, Thadlaskein)
iii. Number of Block in the District 5 (i.e. Amlarem, Khliehriat Laskein, Thadlaskein and Saipung Block
iv. Number of Village in the District 480
v. Number of Locality in town 22
vi Number of towns 1 (Jowai).
vii. Number of Population in the District as per Health Survey 2007-08 Rural 3,52,454,
Urban 25,233.
viii. Number of Hospitals in the District 2 (Jowai Civil Hospital Government Hospital and K.J.P. Assembly Private Hospital.
ix. Number of CHCs 5 Numbers.
x. Number of PHCs 17 Numbers.
xi Number of Dispensaries 1 Number.
xii Number of Sub Cenres 77Numbers
xiii Number of Beds in the CHCs 150 Numbers
xiv Number of Beds in the PHCs 170 Numbers
xv. Number of vehicles 19 Numbers.

Functions and Objectives:-

  1. D.M. and H.O.
    1. Administration.
    2. Implementation and Monitoring
    3. Supervision.
  2. Superintendent
    1. Administration
    2. Preventive and Curative
  3. Sub Centre level
    1. Preventive.

Plan Allocation - Rs. 46178,878/-
Non-Plan Allocation - Rs.4,49,53,910/-

(For maintenance of staff including Medicines Surgical equipments etc.)

Major Plan Schemes

Construction and Achievement in Percentage
Civil Hospital Ialong 18%.
100 (Hundred) Bedded Hospital-
CHC at Namdong 77%.
CHC at Nangbah 95%.
PHC at Lumshnong  96%

N.B:- Allocation of Budget Placed direct with Executive Engineer (HEW) Shillong, on going Plan Schemes - Namdong, Khliehriat, Nongbah, Lumshnong, Ialong