Department of Health and Family Welfare

Directorate of Health Services (Maternal Child Health and Family Welfare)

The Directorate of Health Services, Maternal Child Health and Family Welfare is responsible for monitoring and implementation of the centrally sponsored schemes implemented in the State to cater to the health needs of women and children. The main objective of the programme is to seek stabilization of population in the shortest time at the level consistent with the needs of National Development as well as to seek improvement in the Reproductive and Child Health Status.

To meet the objectives, a number of interventions are being attempted through various programmes brought under Reproductive Child Health (RCH)-II and Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) which are the major components of National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) launched by the Government of India. The main objectives and responsibilities of the Directorate are as follows:-

Maternal Health

  • Provision of safe motherhood care
  • Provision of safe abortion services
  • Prevention and treatment of nutritional anaemia and promotion of maternal nutrition
  • Strengthening and improving quality of Obstetric care in the state
  • Prevention of maternal mortality and morbidity
  • Reduction of R.T.Is or S.T.Is among women

Child Health

  • Immunization of children against six killer diseases i.e. diphtheria, pertusis, tetanus, measles, tuberculosis and poliomyelitis
  • Prevention of childhood diseases including malaria, Tuberculosis, etc.
  • Promotion of child nutrition and prevention of malnutrition and anaemia
  • Provision of services for A.D.D. and A.R.I. among children
  • Prevention of neonatal, infant and childhood mortality.

Family Planning

  • Encouraging and promoting the use of various contraceptive methods
  • Provision of Family Planning and sterilisation services to eligible couples.

Registration and Vital Statistic

  • Registration of births and deaths
  • Registration and monitoring of P.N.D.T. facilities within the state
  • Maintenance and analysis of vital statistics like birth rate, death rate, T.F.R., etc.

Administrative and Training Functions

  • Controlling various medical institutions in the state.
  • Recruitment, Transfer, and Posting of various health staffs.
  • Procurement of medical supplies, drugs and consumables.
  • Issue of rules, regulations and other orders from time to time
  • Maintenance of records and management of information system.
  • Other administrative functions.
  • Time to time training of various health staff on various medical and health subjects related to Reproductive Child Health.