Department of Health and Family Welfare

District Medical And Health Officer, Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh

Function and Objection

  1. In the District there are:
    District Medical and Health Officer 1
    Sub Divisional Medical and Health Officer 1
    Civil Hospital 1
    Community Health Centre 3
    Primary Health Centre 9
    State Dispensaries 2
    Leprosy Control Unit 1
    Ayurvedic Dispensary 4
    Homoeopathic Dispensary 2
    Sub Centres 35
  2. The main function of these institution for rendering Health Care Services both indoor and outdoor facilities to the rural people at large to cater growing Health need of Health Care activities.
  3. Structure of the District Bed with names of the functioning with date of their incumbency (statement enclosed).

    Plan and Non-Plan allocation during 2007-2008
    Non-Plan-2210 =4,19,96,333
    Plan - 2210 =3,95,365,54

Activities and Achievement:

  1. With particular reference to function of the Department
  2. With particular reference to the Plan Scheme in financial and Physical term.
    1. Nongpoh CHC was upgraded to 100 bedded hospital on 7th December 2004.
    2. The same has also been upgraded to fully functioned FRU (24x7) under NRHM with the sanctioned of specialty post in 2007.
    3. 3 CHC of Ri Bhoi District that is Bhoilymbong CHC, Umsning CHC and Patharkhmah CHC. Byrnihat has been upgraded to IPHS under NRHM where AYUSH Physician, Homoeopathic Physician have been appointed on Centre and basis on separate attached building.

Total of Patients and Death cases 2007-2008

Name of the District Population Patients treatment
Outdoor Indoor
Total death Total
Ri Bhoi District 2,33,334 1,57,809 5213 876
Name of the Institution B.S. Collection B.S. Collection P.V. Total P.F. Total Positive
Ri Bhoi District 44272 44272 1131 3202 4334
  1. The District Family Welfare Bureau is not function however activities is functioning under the supervision of the District Medical and Health Officer.
  2. Statement
  1. Anti Leprosy Campaign and Martyr's Day was absence on 29th and 30th January at PHC
    Patharkhmah CHC
    Public Campaign
    Baby show or two days training were also imported during observation of Anti-Leprosy
  2. Leprosy Cases
    Total population - 2,33,334
    Total cases MB - 10
    Total cases PB
    Total - 10