Department of Health and Family Welfare

District Medical And Health Officer, West Khasi Hills, Nongstoin

Function and Objective

The West Khasi Hills, District covering an area of 5247 Sq. KM is the largest district in Meghalaya. The district consist of 5 CHCs, 16 PHCs, 1 District TB Centre and 64 Sub-Centres which are already functioned. The main objectives of the district is to render treatment to the difference types of diseases. The climate condition in the Southern and Northern region is warmer compared to the cooler temperature in the central region. The warmer region prevalence of malaria, Diarrhea and Leprosy and temperate region prevalence of cold and cough, and in the summer season cases of gastro extents in semi epidemic form occurs. The children have to render polio immunization. Also the CHCs or PHCs and Sub-Centres have to provide medical terms and Medical Aid in the entire villages of the District and the District Medical and Health Officer is to surprise in all the cases.

Structure at the Secretariat Level, Directorate and District level with names of important functionaries and dates of their incumbency

The District Drawing Officer is to look after the financial power and to supervise the whole CHCs or PHCs and Sub-Centres in the District. The name of the functionaries Officer is Dr E. Nongkynrih. The date of the incumbency is with effect from 10/11/2007.

Plan and Non-Plan Allocation

  1. Plan - Rs.776,60,140/-
  2. Non-Plan - Rs.471,40,874/-

Major Plan Schemes with their allocations, please mention the aims and objectives of these Activity-wise

Major Plan Scheme with their allocation:- Same as III (a) above. The aims and objectives are as follows:-

  1. To provide effective Health Care to rural population in the District and to increase public spending on Health Care.
  2. To Undertake architectural correction of Health system and strengthen Public Health Management and service deliver in the District.
  3. To revitalized Local Health eradiation and main stream Ayush in the Public System.
  4. Decentralized Management in the district like sanitation, Hygiene, Gender and Social concerns.
  5. To improve access to the rural people especially poor women and children through effective Primary Health Centre.
  6. Reduction in child and natural mortality.
  7. Universal access to Public Health Care Services with emphasis on services to women's and children's Health and Universal Immunization.
  8. Prevention and Control of Communicable and Non-Communicable diseases.

Activities and Achievement

  1. With particular reference to functions of the Department and
  2. With particular reference to the Plan Schemes in financial and physical terms.