Department of Health and Family Welfare

About Us

The State Department for Health and Family Welfare under the Minister for Health and Family Welfare is responsible for maintaining and developing the health care system in the State and guiding and supervising the Health and Family Welfare Programmes in the State. The services offered by the department are Preventive Health Care Services, Promotive Health Care Services, Routine Curative Services, and Rehabilitation Services etc. The activities of the department include establishment and maintenance of medical institutions with necessary infrastructure, implementation of National Disease Control and Eradication Programmes, Control of communicable as well as non communicable diseases, etc.

The Health and Family Welfare Department, Government of Meghalaya is the Administrative Department. It is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the functions of the 3 Directorates:

  • Directorate of Health Services, MI (Medical Institutions)
  • Directorate of Health Services, MCH and FW (Maternal and Child Health and Family Welfare)
  • Directorate of Health Services, R (Research)

Organisational Structure

The Health and Family Welfare Department normally confines itself to general policies, direction, legislation, assembly business, inter-departmental matters and review assessment of execution of policies and schemes which are normally left to the Head of the Department.

The Department is a part of the Secretariat specified as such in the Rules of Executive Business of the Government of Meghalaya which is responsible for the formulation of policies of the Government within its sphere of responsibility and for the reviews and assessment of the execution of that policy.


The Department of Health and Family Welfare is mainly responsible for issue of statutory rules, notifications or order pertaining to health care of all citizens and convey financial sanction order pertaining to schemes under health and family welfare programmes.