Department of Health and Family Welfare

Programmes under RCH-II

  1. Activities for Maternal Health:
    With the objective to achieve the goal for reduction of MMR, mechanism have been developed to increase A.N.C. and P.N.C. coverage with the activities like improvement of facilities of institution, provision of additional manpower, upgradation of Skill and Health Care providers for providing quality RCH services related to Maternal Health interventions. Some of the Activities undertaken are:
    1. Repair and Renovation of Labour Room and other facilities in 16 PHCs and 37 SCs. So far the major and Minor Civil Works have been completed in 10 PHCs and 18 SCs.
    2. Upgradation of facilities of CHC or PHC with the provision of Diesel Generator for uninterrupted power supply and provision of Water Tanks to meet the inadequacy water supply. Till date 13 CHCs and 8 PHCs are equipped with Diesel Generator and 17 CHCs and 7 PHCs with Water Tank.
    3. Provision of Additional Staff Nurse in identified 24 × 7 PHCs. These PHCs are provided with additional S.Ns to cope with the work load for providing round the clock RCH services. 55 additional SNs are appointed on contract basis and posted in the 24 × 7 PHCs till date.
    4. Under RCH-II efforts are being made to engage specialist in the field of O and G, Pediatrics and Anesthesiology in the CHCs identified as FRUs.
    5. Janani Suraksha Yojana is a safe motherhood intervention implemented with the objective of reducing Maternal and Neo-natal Mortality by promoting institutional delivery.
    6. Training in Maternal Health:- The Skills of the Health providers in providing Maternal Health Services is upgraded with the following Training Courses conducted under RCH-II programme.
    Serial Number Type of Training Training Load Proposed Number Trained till February 2010
    1. Training in Emergency Obstetric care for M.Os 45 4
    2. Life Saving Anesthetics Skills for EmO.C. for M.Os 18 4
    3. Minilap for M.Os 28 26
    4. R.T.I. or S.T.I. for M.Os 143 109
    5. SBA for SNs 292 121

    The training programme is on going.

  2. Activities for Child Health:

    In order to achieve the goal for reduction of I.M.R., the improvement in the services under Maternal Health Interventions are ensured to avoid incidence of deaths due to Neo-Natal Tetanus and complications arising due to low birth weight which are the factors effected IMR Initiatives like setting up of new born care corners are being initiated to be set up in 26 PHCs of the State, besides financial assistance for referral transport of sick neonates and infants belonging to the the BPL families are provided. The training of Health providers in I.M.N.C.I. will be initiated after the State Trainers are trained in the designated National I.M.N.C.I. Training Centres.

  3. Activities for Family Planning:

    The State is implementing the Family Welfare Planning Programme purely on a voluntary basis, where no compensation/incentives are paid to acceptors, Motivators or Doctors for conducting sterilization operations. However, approach towards population stabilization brought forward under RCH-II or NRHM are being disseminated to the community by addressing the issues like right age of marriage, spacing and encouraged within the use of Temporary Family Planning programme Method. Besides, the skill of Health functuinaries are being upgraded from time to time with I.U.D. skill upgradation of courses and Minilap Training etc.

    Till February 2009, 277 A.N.M. or L.H.Vs are trained in I.U.D. Skill upgradation courses.

Other initiatives under RCH-II:

  • Adolescent Health:- Under RCH-II special measures have been taken up to deal with the Health of Adolescent particularly Girls 9 Counselors are engaged on contract basis at the District Hospital or Community Health Centre for providing counseling services through routine OPD and for addressing the needs of unmarried and newly married adolescent girls. Efforts have also been made to train the Health functionaries in Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health for which 109 MOs were trained so far.
  • School Health Programme:- To reduce the prevalence of common ailments among school going children, School Health Programme are being initiated by the District from the Community Health Centre level for which activities like training of School health teams, holding of school health festivals are proposed to be undertaken.
  • Urban RCH:- In order to improve the Health Status of urban poor , 12 U.H.Cs have been set up, in Shillong (9), Jowai (1) and Tura (2). These U.H.Cs are fully functional and equipped with manpower, equipments and medicines.
  • Programme Management Unit:- To Strengthen the implementation, management and monitoring of the RCH-II Programme, the State has set up a State Programme Management Unit at the State level. District Programme Management Unit at the District level and Block Programme Management unit at block level, these units are manned with required skilled manpower.